The History of the Nougat

A tender and creamy confectionery that dates back to antiquity. The nougat is made from egg whites, honey and almonds.

At the time, it was made in the East with almonds, honey and spices. Its manufacture was also known to the Greeks who made theirs with nuts. In the 14th century, confectioners from Damascus, Syria decided to make a softer nougat and incorporated pistachios from Aleppo. This dry fruit also has the property of providing a pleasant aroma.

A range of soft and hard varieties appeared throughout the years. The true nougat, as we know it today, made its appearance in the middle of the 18th century. Egg whites melted with honey and sugar were added to allow for the dough to be aerated.

The Birth of La Nougaterie

The owners, Patrick Augier and Caroline Marelli, both from Europe, are inhabited by the confectionery culture and have been in the cooking and pastry business for more than 35 years.

Having become residents of Quebec in 2006, the couple opened their magnificent boutique “Aux petites douceurs” at the same location as La Nougateri, 2 years later. There you will find local products, Quebec creations and as its name so clearly states “des petites douceurs” (sweet treats).

Thus, thanks to their years of acquired knowledge in France, they concocted their sweets with love and passion in collaboration with Cécile, the confectionery and chocolate master. The idea came a few years later to produce the treats they offered in their boutique.

Our mission

In addition to handcrafting delicious nougats, La Nougaterie also offers sweets and side dishes with recipes worthy of the greatest.

You will find meringue, marshmallow, cuberdons, honeymoons, spreads and jams, island corks, butters (apple, blueberry, etc.) as well as nougats in all its forms. It’s your turn to discover them!

Our mission is to brighten your days with homemade confectionaries that awake the flavours and fragrances of yesteryear.

Our values


We work hard to ensure the taste is memorable


 Always the same result regardless of circumstance


Each candy is made with love


Once you enter the boutique, you become part of the family